Monday, July 21, 2008


I wanted to print some colour images onto vellum but I wasn't sure where to get this done. If I were to go to a printer, would I have to buy the vellum first, or do they have vellum already there? Should I buy the paper first, and then show up with it? or visit the printers to make sure that they wouldn't reject foreign paper? It was clear to me, and I couldn't avoid it, I had to phone in to ask.

I dreaded every second leading up to the call. I looked up the phone number hoping that the number wasn't available, but it was. Then, sadly, I heard dial tone when I picked up the receiver. I pressed the buttons, the phone rang, then rang rang about five or six times - I imagined two teenagers standing behind the counter having a great chat, rolling their eyes at the ringing phone. Finally someone picked up.

I clumsily blurted something out in my small voice, already turning red from embarrassment by how awkwardly I'd phrased the question. Then, the man answered, he stuttered, he "ummmed" and "errred", and he repeated each answer twice as if he was unsure and wanted to test the answer by hearing it out loud.

When all my questions had been answered, I stuttered and offered many 'thank yous' and he did the same with his "you're welcomes'.

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QubesBlog said...

great details on every relaying every single moment...

one high school teacher told me that the best stories span over a short time, so you can get alot of details in, something that movies could never replicate.