Wednesday, July 23, 2008

screen magic

My yesternight:
At 7:00pm, tired from teaching animation during the day, I reluctantly hopped on the #22 bus to the purple thistle for a filmmaking workshop and screening. I wasn't sure what it would be like, and I didn't think that there was anything they could teach me about film making that I didn't know about already. I hoped that I wouldn't fall asleep at the screening.

I arrived and instantly spotted a handsome looking blue bus, where I was invited in to sit with other filmmakers and animate by drawing directly on film. Then, we headed outside where the two lovely hosts from the Echo Park Film Center unrolled a screen on the side of the bus, pulled out a projector and started showing some beautiful and honest short films, two of which were made in Vancouver - with the filmmakers in attendance! When it got cold, blankets were handed out. In between intermissions, the Bingo Bunny came out to call out numbers and hand out prizes...then filmmakers talked about their work. The night ended with the screening of the animation we worked on earlier in the evening.

There was a grin on my face the entire night, and I was so glad that I went - it's quite a different and wonderful experience to watch a screening when you're in the presence of people who have such a great enthusiasm for film.

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QubesBlog said...

that's a great idea!! what's next? watching movies off people's back? (I guess they do that on planes already.. hehe)