Tuesday, July 22, 2008

animation is the fountain of youth

This morning, I was tutoring two nine year old girls in animation. They seemed to be enjoying the lesson most of the time and were even eager to get back to their project after their lunch break. The screening of their very cute film was scheduled for the afternoon, programed to play after a feature length documentary. I was fidgety during the post production process because of the tight deadline, but both girls reassured me that the film would be played later than we thought it would. "Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Because, they always talk about films afterwards for a long time." replied one of my students.
"Who's 'they'?" I asked.
"The adults!" she replied, exasperated with me and my dumb questions.

I'm almost two years shy of being thirty. But then, it was just too fun animating at that table with them - I let them think I was nine years old too.

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QubesBlog said...

that's cuz you have the heart of a 9 year old - all gung ho and energetic!!

Good on taking the time to give back to the community.