Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hotel Experience: Bella Coola - part 2

What a wonderful state I was in, sleeping off my exhaustion - when suddenly I woke up. I looked over at the clock, it was 2 am. I turned over and closed my eyes, but the sleep wouldn't come. I adjusted the pillows, pulled the sheets up to my chin, wiggled my toes, but still felt that I wasn't situated right...I just couldn't go back to sleep!

In my grogginess, I tried to concentrate and troubleshoot, it wasn't the temperature, that was fine. It wasn't the lighting, it was sufficiently dark in the room. Ah ha, it was a very loud constant noise!

I tried to tune it out, but after 20 minutes of trying not to think of the noise and hence doing nothing but think of the noise, I decided to investigate where it was coming from. I peeped into the bathroom to find the faucet turned on full blast. Had I forgotten to turn it off in my fatigued state? How was I able to fall asleep listening to it run like that?! HAS it been on this entire time? But if it hadn't, who turned it on?! eek!


QubesBlog said...

haven't you heard? it's the Boogieman!!!!

anik said...

Judging from the angle of the picture it might be that the one who turned the water on is standing in the bathtub and looking at you from behind the shower curtain. This could be just a common procedure when hotel staff randomly perfors tests to record the responces from the hotel guests to various malfunctions of the facilities. This consumer behaviour data helps to adjust regulations, maitenance procedures and insurance policies. For more information visit