Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hotel Experience: Teslin - part 4 (the end)

The sweat soaked bed I lay on was situated right by the window, save for the little gap between where the heat vent ceaselessly blew out hot air. I opened the window for some relief but when a breeze finally found its way into the room it was more like steam being forced out of a boiling kettle.

I think I was on fire!

The things people do in desperation - at 4 am I took a cold shower but relief was shortlived.

At 6am, the sun began to rise, I ran out to greet it, vowing to never be warm again.


megumi said...

this is freakin' funny. now, i can't remember, was that the same night the power went out too? something else to worry about... this is my favourite blog EVER

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