Friday, May 22, 2009

absence makes the heart grow fonder

I've been doing a lot of printing lately, and I desperately needed the help of someone who didn't only work in the realm of pixels. I went to a little print store near my house with a mess of files - "can you help me?!" I cried out as I popped through the door. The woman behind the desk looked at me dispassionately.

Coolly, she replied "sure".

She was indeed very helpful and spent more time than she needed to help me solve my printing problems. What a nice woman, I thought, maybe if I made some conversation she would warm up to me. I tried really hard to come up with interesting questions to ask her, but each time, she found a way to answer back with a single word. Oh well, I thought, not everybody has to like me...I give up.

One day, I popped in with a quick job and discovered a different being behind the desk, the woman was giggling and coyly hitting the shoulder of this man who was sitting beside her.

Oh. Interesting.

I told her that I would be back the next day, she looked grateful about it, so I quickly left.

When I did go back the next day, she was a much warmer person to me. Who would have thought that I would be appreciated simply for my absence!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I spent most of the last two weeks here and there, cat-sitting, puzzle assembling, working on an animation project. But actually, I wasn't really...there.

My mind was far off into the past, all thoughts zipped around everywhere but where my slumpy body was. This made me spill a lot of things, and unable to taste anything I ate.
I wonder sometimes how much time my head has spent in limbo-land over the course of my life. If I subtracted all that time from the total years I've been on earth, would that be my mental age?

I might only be 10.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

public apology to my brother

I am very sorry. And this is why:
(you can see the images in all its full sized glory if you click on them)