Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I spent most of the last two weeks here and there, cat-sitting, puzzle assembling, working on an animation project. But actually, I wasn't really...there.

My mind was far off into the past, all thoughts zipped around everywhere but where my slumpy body was. This made me spill a lot of things, and unable to taste anything I ate.
I wonder sometimes how much time my head has spent in limbo-land over the course of my life. If I subtracted all that time from the total years I've been on earth, would that be my mental age?

I might only be 10.


QubesBlog said...

limbo land is the land of inspirations! - just make sure you remember what rides you were on while in limbo land!

Elisa Chee said...

hee hee! limbo-land is like that place Pinocchio went to in the Disney movie. Seems pretty fun at first and then before you know it, you turn into a donkey!