Monday, November 10, 2008

koala keen

Noosa Head National Park:

A few steps into the park, an Australian man came up to me and hesitantly said, "Oh, please excuse me...there is a koala in that tree there, he's a little bit far up, but you can still see him sleeping." I waited, wondering what it was that he expected me to do about it. Should I be climbing up the tree to rescue it?

Oh, he had only meant to point it out to me so that I could enjoy looking up at it. As I walked through the park, I was stopped by several Australians and told to take a peek at koalas sleeping in trees (that's what koalas do all day apparently). The friendly people seemed to enjoy telling me about the koalas as much as I enjoyed looking at the fury creatures!

In response to little Lisa G who asked how big my paintings are, they are pretty small. Here is an image of the painting beside a shiny Canadian penny. Thanks for your interest, Lisa!