Monday, November 10, 2008

koala keen

Noosa Head National Park:

A few steps into the park, an Australian man came up to me and hesitantly said, "Oh, please excuse me...there is a koala in that tree there, he's a little bit far up, but you can still see him sleeping." I waited, wondering what it was that he expected me to do about it. Should I be climbing up the tree to rescue it?

Oh, he had only meant to point it out to me so that I could enjoy looking up at it. As I walked through the park, I was stopped by several Australians and told to take a peek at koalas sleeping in trees (that's what koalas do all day apparently). The friendly people seemed to enjoy telling me about the koalas as much as I enjoyed looking at the fury creatures!

In response to little Lisa G who asked how big my paintings are, they are pretty small. Here is an image of the painting beside a shiny Canadian penny. Thanks for your interest, Lisa!


QubesBlog said...

wow... where did you get that massive penny?

you should also note that Koala's sleep for 20 hours of the 24 hour day because the only eat the eucalyptus tree leaves their energy is all used to digest the food.

Much like if all i ate was burgers and fries (every meal)..

Vincent said...

I figured out my old account's login and pass finally.