Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the site of the WOW!

It was a very twisty and kinetosis inducing Great Ocean Road that I found myself on for most of the day. Then just before the sun was about to set, my brother, steered the rental car into a parking lot. I opened the door to jump out,but it gave some resistance. It was a fierce wind that pushed back against the door! I fought my way out and then followed the signs that pointed me towards the Twelve Apostles.

No, not the followers of Jesus, these were rock formations in Victoria, Australia. I struggled against the wind towards the cliff edge, peeped out towards the ocean, and WOW!
The sun cast all it's raging orange brilliance on every form, the waves threw themselves relentlessly against the rocks. And the stoic rocks, just leaned into the wind and withstood all the fury of the scene.

The next morning we came back to the same spot to capture the scene in better photographic conditions. But in the friendly morning light, the wind was docile, and the waves were lazy - I just didn't appreciate the scene as much as I did the night before.


QubesBlog said...

wow.. the picture looks like the real thing!!

that place was windy, they should have tied you down with a harnass to ensure the safety!!!

anik said...

for me this blog is "the site of the WOW"!
Very beautiful and dramatic scene!

lisa g said...

i think it would be interesting to know how large your water colours are.

i am such a huge fan of process since your paintings exquisite...

just wondering....