Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Travel Tip

Try to find someone who looks seedier than you to line up behind at an airport security checkpoint.

I still can't pinpoint what it was that made me seem so shady that day, but on my way to Australia, I was specially selected for a pat down search every single time I passed through airport security.

On one occasion, there was a supervisor who was scrutinizing the progress of the security guard who was scrutinizing the waistband on my pants. He gave her a thumbs up and said "Good, you're doing a good job."


QubesBlog said...

I heard that they profiled the girl that travelled with the guy wearing a cap. It's the dude that hides stuff in her purse when she's not looking..

anik said...

Sometimes security checks can be confused with the wardrobe arrangement service. This complementary service is provided by some airlines to make minor clothing adjustments for passengers (going through skipped buttons, arranging pants waist or straightening wrinkles).
After all it reflects on the image of the airline!