Friday, January 8, 2010

ATM troubles - part two

I lined up to talk to the teller and waited for about twenty minutes.

At the front of the line, "My card is stuck in the ATM outside!" I said to the teller, piteously.

Her response: "Fill out this form and I'll take a look".

"Thank you."

A few minutes later, she returned, "Well it looks like someone took your money while you were in the line up to talk to me. But we have your card."

I looked at her, and she simply stared back. I raised my eyebrows expectantly- I got in return, silence and a blank look.

"Will I ever get my money back?" I asked weakly.

"Maybe, we'll do an investigation and give you a call."


But twenty minutes after leaving the bank I began to realize that it wasn't OK...