Friday, January 8, 2010

ATM troubles - part two

I lined up to talk to the teller and waited for about twenty minutes.

At the front of the line, "My card is stuck in the ATM outside!" I said to the teller, piteously.

Her response: "Fill out this form and I'll take a look".

"Thank you."

A few minutes later, she returned, "Well it looks like someone took your money while you were in the line up to talk to me. But we have your card."

I looked at her, and she simply stared back. I raised my eyebrows expectantly- I got in return, silence and a blank look.

"Will I ever get my money back?" I asked weakly.

"Maybe, we'll do an investigation and give you a call."


But twenty minutes after leaving the bank I began to realize that it wasn't OK...


dogimo said...

This is the sort of thing that makes me want to beat hell out of whatever jerk cleaned you out!

That is totally the bank's fault if it wouldn't give you your card back and wouldn't close your session either.

stuff99 said...

Another cliffhanger!

Denisa Cretu said...

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