Sunday, July 27, 2008

Art Therapy Session: 1 (bus incident)

Yesterday, I hopped onto the bus and had to stand because all the seats were taken. I started staring out the window and daydreaming as per usual. Suddenly I heard a gruff voice behind me: "GET OUTTA THE *#&@'EN WAY!!!"

It was a very irate man with a very wide bag trying to get to the exit door behind me. After quickly squeezing myself into a small space to let him through, my first reaction was to shrug it off. Obviously the man had some issues unrelated to me, causing him to be so unreasonable.

But then as time passed, I thought 'well, he should have asked politely. I would have moved if I'd known he wanted to pass through'...a few moments later: 'is it me? was I inconsiderate to be so unaware of the needs of the people around me?'. As more time passed, I began to feel a little bit irate about him having personal issues and turning his wrath on me.

I'm beginning to think that bad feelings don't go away, they are conserved like energy in laws of never disappears, only takes on different forms. I didn't want to thrust this yuckiness onto anyone else, so I quickly sat in a newly vacated seat and drew furiously. This was the most satisfying form of revenge for me.

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QubesBlog said...

that was one ugly mofo...
should have stuck out the leg and sent them flying to a vacation spot of their dreams!