Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my brother: character sketch

When I was seventeen, I had a drivers license, places to go, and no car of my own. My older brother, on the other hand, had a brand new car sitting in the garage while he took the bus to work. One hot summer day, I needed to run an errand that was an hour's walk away, so I decided to borrow his car without asking him.

I scratched his car, just exiting the garage.

When I returned, I saw that there was a very deep 10 inch long defacement on the shiny silver paint of his passenger door. I felt fear, but mostly I felt remorse...I was a very selfish, bratty sister, and he was going to hate me!

When my brother came home, he saw me crying and asked what was wrong. Between the blubbering, I told him about my wrongdoings. He didn't hate me at all, in fact, he tried to cheer me up!


Justin said...

The poster in your basement of your brother says it all "I'm Great!"

Or did it say something else?

QubesBlog said...

wow, you're so lucky to have a "great" brother!

IF my little sister did that...man, i can't finish that sentence cuz i'd get so mad just thinking about it...