Wednesday, July 16, 2008

mini tennis

Last Friday was a bit hectic for me. Running from one little meeting to another, schlepping my laptop case with me, stopping into stores to run errands and trying to catch buses in between. Then several hours hunched over the wacom tablet trying to finish pre-production work for a self-invoked deadline. Late in the afternoon finally, it was mini tennis time.

Mini tennis explained:
After two tennis lessons, my very patient instructor recommended that I practice my swing by playing mini tennis. Because one only uses a quarter of the entire court, and stays close to the net, they are forced to slow down their movements. This allows one to focus and pay close attention to how each motion one makes, effects where the ball ends up on the other side.

It was a lovely late afternoon, playing mini tennis with my friend. The goal was to volley the ball lightly back and forth as long as we possibly could. We contemplated on the idea of how mini tennis could be a philosophy of life, instead of just a tennis drill. How wonderful it would be if we could decide where to draw our own boundaries and live as slowly and lightly as we feel like.


QubesBlog said...

are you playing PONG on your computer?

now that's mini-tennis... muhahahaha

Annette said...

That is a great concept... but playing devil's advocate - if you set the boundaries.. you might never know your potential because you may not push yourself to the next limit. ;)