Thursday, July 17, 2008

bench pressing matters

Lunch is usually a fun and carefree time, especially on a sunny day. I ran outside with my friend to relax in the park where there was a perfectly situated empty bench awaiting us in the shade.

"Lets sit there!", she hops over to the bench first and sits down. I was a few steps behind, and I now assessed the situation: There was an extra arm rest in the center of the bench as well as on both ends. Is this a two person bench? or a four person bench? If I sat in the small space between my friend and the armrest, would I fit? If I chose to sit on the other side of the metal armrest, would there be too much space between us?

I think I made the right choice, I sat between her and the arm rest...that's the right choice, isn't it?


Chezoo said...

Nice way to chronicle the everyday challenges we face.

QubesBlog said...


yes... right choice.... IN PRISON!!!