Monday, July 7, 2008

bus dilemna

After waking up later than I had wanted, I hastily made my way to the bus stop near my house. One block away from it, the bus swept by me and stopped to let some passengers out.
What to do?! Should I run for it? How many people were getting out? Did the driver see me? These heavy questions slowed me down as I neared the bus - before I reached it, it pulled away.

Well, sometimes when you feel shafted, the only thing you can do is pretend to yourself that you didn't really want what you did anyways. I shrugged and walked down further in hopes to catch another bus, but then the traffic light changed in my favour and the same bus stopped again in front of me at the next bus stop! This time it was a short distance to run and I caught it without looking too much like a fool.

Catching the bus you intended to take is the most wonderful miracle of all.


Chezoo said...

Ahw, that dreaded transit race. I know it well. There's nothing quite like having the bus pull out right in front of your nose.

QubesBlog said...

public transit suck...