Friday, July 25, 2008

common sensorship

Sometimes I forget how strange I can be. Once, I went to a bookstore in a mall and saw a fabulous book of Schiele's drawings on sale.
I couldn't wait to gaze upon his artwork - the colours, the textures, the expressiveness of his drawing style...they are sublimely beautiful and reproductions of it were in my little hands!
It was wrong - I know, that I walked through the mall with my eyes locked onto the pages of a book. What made it even more awkward was that Schiele's work is mostly made up of drawings of nude women. Now that I think about it, I rather hope the people around me thought I was strange, instead of depraved.


Chezoo said...

I like the little kid. He wants to share in the cultural experience!

QubesBlog said...

so is that a copy of playboy? of playdude that you are holding?