Sunday, August 10, 2008

wasp in the window

The new buses in this city have big windows, but small window openings. The sun beats into the bus, heating the air that can't escape the vehicle. The other day, when I settled into a sun warmed seat, I spotted a wasp in front of me.

It was loitering about, by the window when suddenly it reared back and smashed it's head into the glass. Disoriented, it flew around a bit before it banged into the glass again. This time it fell down to the window sill. Before long it got up, looked out of another section of the window - looked at the beautiful cool breeze tickling the leafy tips of the lush green trees. It rushed headfirst towards the glass again and fell to the window sill.

I understood. I pushed the button to signal that I wanted the bus to stop, and when the doors finally opened, the wasp followed me out.


QubesBlog said...

Good job on educating the wasp on the western world...

To leave, you use the door.

BTW - the bus windows aren't that clean, are they?

Lisa said...

the wasp whisperer!