Thursday, August 21, 2008

comfort food

When I directed my first video shoot a few days ago, I had everything organized - even what food I would serve to the crew and the talent. I had a grand spread that included doughnuts, muffins, (delicious, from Swiss Bakery) bread with spinach dip, a large veggie platter, and many more snack foods. The table was completely filled and I started to worry that I'd really overdone it.

Eight hours into the shoot, we still had many more scenes to capture. The crew was tired from working non-stop all day, and the talent was becoming impatient, always waiting for the crew to set up every shot. It was almost beginning to be a bad situation, but somehow after ten hours, we all managed to finish the day in high spirits.

As I nibbled on a doughnut at the end of the night, I thought about how there can never be too much food where there is boredom and stress.


QubesBlog said...

free food is everything!!

anik said...

Congratulations with successfully directing your first video shoot!