Wednesday, August 20, 2008

oh no!

Yesterday night, I had a dream that my blog was on the news. People were concerned about my well being because I hadn't posted a blog for a week. Some speculated that I'd been kidnapped, others thought I'd won the lottery and moved to the Bahamas.

Sheepish and guilt ridden by my neglectful ways, I considered the idea of running away.


QubesBlog said...

phew!!! i can post something new... finally!!!

anik said...

I was thinking what's going on, and concerned about the blog's well being and its author's continuity. However the longer the wait, the greater the satisfaction, we are all assuming that the author's unavailability comes from increased activity level that will eventually translate into interesting blog content. (The idea that the author was just toying with her audience's patience also crossed my mind, but this kind of cruelty would be too appalling).