Friday, August 8, 2008

how to fight insomnia #1

Today I was talking to my friend about her sleepless night. I think everybody has their own way of battling insomnia, but I just wanted to share a trick that always seems to work for me.

First, I settle into a very comfortable position (fetal is most preferable). Then I close my eyes and make sure that the room is dark enough. Now, I will conjure up images of things that make me incredibly happy...I imagine wonderful scenarios like what I would do with a million dollars, or what I would say at my coronation ceremony, and plan my acceptance speech at the Academy Awards.

The more enjoyable this reverie is, the sooner it is that my hateful mind decides that I've had enough fun. It then shuts down and abandons me to the unconscious dreams.


QubesBlog said...

you forgot about winning the olympic gold in beijing!

Dr. Jared Hanson ND, LAc said...

Have you ever considered acupuncture for your insomnia? Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment for insomnia that people don't often think about. I've helped a lot of people with insomnia, often they fall asleep right then during treatment. You should find a good acupuncturist in your area.

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Annette said...

Remember to thank your dear friends - ANNETTE when you accept your acaedemy award... haha... I agree with you with the happy thoughts. :)