Saturday, February 7, 2009

Haida Gwaii - Night Light Show

At night, we stumble out onto the beach with small flashlights in our hands. The broad darkness hovers over us so I close my fearful little eyes and listen to the rumbling waves for a bit. That didn't really quash my fears. I open my eyes and see a hazy brightness above me...the film floats away and I see the moon, all orangy and warm. It was sharp and glowy at the same time. Then the veil draws back over it. Someone says "thank you moon".

"Look!" down the other end of the beach, two flashes of lighting strike.

Then, above us, the clouds dispersed revealing millions of intensely bright little stars. Everywhere!

"I feel small" says a puny voice. It might have been mine.

Thank you night sky.


QubesBlog said...

what do you like better?

this or the northern lights?

elisa said...

oh I don't know, do I have to choose? are you going to zap away some of my memories? they were both equally special moments.

stuff99 said...

you guys shouldve told ghost stories there.