Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the IN-keeper

Once upon a time, my friends and I stayed at this little bed and breakfast place that had a beautiful view of the ocean, and a cute little deck where I could enjoy the sound of the roaring waves, and the wind slipping through the swaying tall trees. But deep in this tranquil place, there lived an enigmatic caretaker. Through the week, interaction with this little innkeeper became more and more bizarre.

Day 1:
Made us a wonderful gourmet dinner, we shared laughter, some light conversation and we all went back to our own rooms to relax.

Day 2:
We decide to have fish and chips a quaint restaurant nearby. Just as we were walking out of the restaurant, innkeeper strolls in for his dinner. What a coincidence...well, not really, there are only four or five restaurants in that town.

Day 3:
At breakfast, to fill a bit of peaceful silence, "Last night I woke up and thought my nose was bleeding...but I switched on the light you know, and thank God, it was just mucus."

Day 4:
"...yeah, I was listening to hear if you were awake in there. Because you know, sometimes I can hear sounds you make in your room...like you open your closet door, or when you use your washroom"

Day 5:
"Visiting your mother makes her want you to see her more often. It's like an addiction...like sex and drugs - the more you do it the more you want to."

"...oh, maybe that is not the best way to explain it"

Day 6:
We had a work meeting during dinnertime and asked if we could have our meal in my room. Yes ofcourse we could. But then at dessert time - "Oh by the way, I made a blueberry cobbler today, you can have some with vanilla ice-cream...when you guys come over."

Day 7:
We looked on his coffee table, the remote control sat on top of a book...my heart was pounding as we slowly, and carefully pushed the remote control to the side, revealing the title: "How to Alienate Your Friends and Make Enemies"

Well, he didn't manage to make an enemy out of me. I left the little lodge and lived happily ever since.

illustration for this story to be posted tomorrow


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