Friday, February 13, 2009


Yesterday, at 11 am, I finally gained some perspective on everything I've been going through in the past year. I feel like I'd been staring intently at a picture with one of my glasses lens popped out, all that time.

I'd been struggling with what seemed to be the world's longest breakup and heartbreak. I'd been angry, disappointed and very unhappy. But then, an hour before noon, I just let it all go. Finally everything that my loved ones had been saying to me made sense. It felt just as satisfying as putting the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle into that empty spot. I'm so happy now!

To celebrate, I'm going to pick out a new pair of sassy spectacles for myself! When the sun comes out, I want to make sure I have some clip on sunglasses.

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QubesBlog said...

YAH!!!! Congratuations!!!