Monday, September 14, 2009

My Life on a Good Day

On the way home today, something very absurd happened.
I was offered a ride on a disability scooter.

Oh right, and it was free...what WAS I thinking when I refused?


水岚 said...

this cartoon very funny and cute. hehe.

QubesBlog said...

poor guy, he just wanted to pick up some girl in his brand new ride!!!!

Dano said...

Unique drawings. pretty funny too!

stuff99 said...

What kind of ride would it be?

Elisa Chee said...

I would REALLY like to think that he meant for me to ride in the little basket hanging from the front.

Thanks Dano!

Indianamig said...

These are great Elisa. Very funny, the animation is great. It reminds me a little of Guy Delisle and his work. *I like the cricket girl one*