Monday, August 31, 2009

Grouse Mountain tips for weaksauce hikers

This weekend I tried to hike up Grouse Mountain for the first time in my life.


However things could have gone smoother.
Here are a few tips I can pass on to anyone out there
who might need a bit of guidance too.

Tip #1:
While other hikers provide a pace you can follow
and a bit of competitive motivation, it's not advisable
to be smug about passing others on the path.

Because there's only one pathway up...
and remember, you're weaksauce.

Tip #2
Your bug repellent probably doesn't work.

But use it to your advantage, it motivates you to keep moving.

Tip #3:
Try not to listen to the sounds that other hikers make.

There is nothing more demoralizing than laboured breathing,
and feet smacking hatefully against the ground.

Tip #4:
Do push yourself beyond what you think you can do.

It sure is unrewarding when you wake up the next day with no sore muscles.


QubesBlog said...

congratulations on making it to the top... weaksauce!!!

stuff99 said...

I love how you take something so simple and make it such a interesting read. The illustrations are very charming and adds so much to your narrative.

This reaches my quota of one serious comment a year.

Elisa Chee said...

wow stuff99, that was uncharacteristically sincere for you. thank you kindly.

dogimo said...

Wow, I looked up the stats on that one and - that is pretty hard-core steep. I thought Alta Peak was hard!

Yes, I'm weaksauce.

Elisa Chee said...

Yay! fellow weaksauce! Congrats on doing Alta Peak.