Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the past cookie

I was in Masset a few weeks ago for an workshop at an elementary school. Having the weekend free to explore, I spent most of my Sunday walking down beaches, skirting the waves, and picking up extraordinary looking pebbles. For hours I watched the waves recede and return to me - what bliss.

It was difficult to be torn away from such a scenery, but by ten o'clock in the evening, my tummy was rumbling as loud as the waves were, so my colleague and I returned to Masset to look for food. All supermarkets were closed and we only had two Chinese restaurants that were open to us so we decided on the Golden Pam where I ordered a bowl of chicken soup noodles.

Although I did enjoy my meal, what I really look forward to at restaurants like these is the fortune cookie at the end of the meal. It's a random piece of literature (sometimes wisdom) and the shell that contains it is edible. Delightful.

I crack mine open with greedy anticipation, and pop the cookie in my mouth - it was crisp and delicious! However, I found the fortune part a little stale.

It read:

"You will find much enjoyment by the seashore"


QubesBlog said...

sounds like a "relive the past" cookie!!

stuff99 said...

If you add the words "in bed" after every fortune cookie fortune, it makes it just a bit dirty.