Friday, July 3, 2009

San Francisco and Me 1

I've been in San Francisco visiting a friend for the last two weeks,
here are mini stories that came out of my wonderful trip:

I stayed in a very cute house in Millbrae, and as I relaxed on a patio chair
the first morning, I caught sight of a bee busily feeding from
the cone shaped flowers, sticking it's head into each flower with it's 'beehind'
wiggling all about. Then it would back away, hover there uncertainly
and then dive into another flower. Adorable.

This made me think about what I expect to see when I'm sight-seeing in a new city,
and how I've stressed myself out in the past, trying to take in all the most unique experiences
that a place has to offer. Meanwhile, interesting things are happening everywhere.

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QubesBlog said...

YAH!!! SAN FRANCISCO kicks ass!!!!