Sunday, June 7, 2009


This weekend I found myself at a memorial service/party and in the presence of two dancers from the Kokoro Dance group:

They performed - the two figures in a painstakingly slow manner, made their way towards each other.

I could see their limbs quivering, like there is an inner-struggle to maintain the pose and control of the body, repressing tension within.

Sometimes, they would pause in a contorted stance and it conveyed to me in those few moments, so much grief and yearning...and a bit of random beauty.

The two meet in the middle and move in harmony, but then slowly, heart-wrenchingly, they peel themselves from each other, stepping away backwards.

I found that at the end of the dance I involuntarily closed my eyes, I didn't want to let any new images into my head after that. I felt a bit silly, but when I opened my eyes I found a woman across from me just opening her eyes too.

I think Egon Schiele would love this kind of dancing.


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You're a great storyteller! Enjoyed reading this and the art!

Elisa Chee said...

oh thank you very much for the nice comments!!