Tuesday, March 3, 2009

mini adults

I see a lot of kids on the sidewalks these days jumping around with their toys, it's a joy to see. Lately, I've noticed that some of these toys are actually mini versions of adult things. Today, a little girl was happily pushing a red plastic shopping cart in a zig zag line, and a little boy was pushing a little vaccuum cleaner-like blue contraption while making whirring noises with his mouth. This reminds me of a time when my favorite christmas present was a plastic toy sink that pumped out real water and came with a bright green drying rack. Finally! I could wash my fake china after putting plastic toast and danishes on them! Now, I leave dishes in the sink, in hopes that they will clean themselves. They never do.
It makes me sad that these kids aren't able to enjoy the best part of childhood, which is lack of responsibilities.
I wonder if I should be sad about myself, for losing the sense of joy in washing dishes.


anik said...

This was great! one of the best posts!!

The Puppeteer said...

Kids tend to be adults when
their moms n dads are so
annoyed to be wht they are now.
uh uh.
nice drawings, simple n fun.