Wednesday, March 4, 2009

childhood strangeness

Before I discovered the concept of death, my parents tried to give me hints that such a thing existed. Once, I was told not to put a plastic bag over my head, "or else I would never see my mommy and daddy ever again." Oh no! Who would be so cruel to abduct my parents?! What would they do with them?! It was up to me to save my parents from that unknown fate.

So I was somehow smart enough to refrain from putting a bag over my head, but it was a very long time before I realized that I wasn't being all that altruistic for not doing it.


QubesBlog said...

You can get "high" with plastic bags...

its so COOL

stuff99 said...

I use to stick my head in to smell the fresh plastic smell of London Drug bags. They smelled nice.

BTW why did you delete your comment on my blog?