Thursday, June 26, 2008

camera obscura

Yesterday, "Carts of Darkness" was being shown in the theater and a camera was thrust into my hands. I was asked to go in there to take some pictures of the people waiting for a screening to start. I think the photos were going to be posted on a website detailing the screening event. So, just mingle with the people and take pictures...easy, right?

Me? Mingle?!

I've heard about how shy people like being photographers because they can hide behind the lens and interact with people in their own way. How big are the camera's that these shy people can hide enough of themselves behind it?! I took some awful pictures because I was too nervous to wait for the right moments before taking snapshots.

The camera obscura comes in handy for occasions like these.

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Chezoo said...

A Renaissance Voyeur - hehe!